(still unending) rose study 5

Finally, the seasonal job has ended, and I’m back at the drawing table.

After a 9 month absence/hiatus, I just may be closing in on a finish for this study.  Hopefully.

rose study – installment 5

There is rather more hatching than I originally intended, especially in the flowers.  But I really don’t seem to be able to get the more subtle gradations in shading that I want without it.  Ah well!

The continuing challenge… especially now that I’m getting down to the nitty-gritty: maintaining contrast!

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(unending) rose study 4

I always come to a point during a marathon drawing, when I seriously question whether to continue to press on… or not.  That point has been reached. I think I need a break.  Maybe fresh eyes in a few days will see better.

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rose study 3

Some progress:

I’m liking it ever so much better with some high-contrast background added.  It gives me a better idea how dark I can go with the flowers; I’ve left some of the petals blank until the background is a bit further along.

I’m also considering drawing until what’s on the paper makes a pleasing-to-the-eye piece of art: more of a study than an edge-to-edge detailed rendering.  Personally, I very much enjoy drawings that allow the viewer’s eye to “fill in” blank or loosely rendered areas, while focusing in on a specific… umm… focal point. 😉

However, I may have already passed the point of no return on that idea for this piece.  We’ll see.

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rose study 2

Progress is being made on the rose drawing…

Time to start adding the background to tie them together.  At present it looks like 3 individual studies rather than a composed whole.  Hopefully, the addition of the much darker background/foliage will also heighten the contrast within the flowers themselves.  As usual, I am tending toward too many lines… :-/ but, still enjoying the challenge.

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rose study 1

An entire month has flown past since my last post, and I have no idea where it went!  I have been working, but just not accomplished much worth sharing.

So rather than radio silence… I’ve unearthed another unfinished drawing project from the large pile of such things that have accumulated over the last several years: another flower drawing.  (My primary reference is a photo torn from an old magazine; unfortunately, I have no copyright info. to go with it.)

Maybe it’s just that this is the season when so many of my favorite flowers are blooming, but I’ve gotten the itch once again to delve in and explore the shapes and contours I see in the shadowed/sunlit petals.

I was going to use a dip pen for this drawing, but was frustrated by the ink drying too quickly on the nib.  So, I went back to my favorite standby: 005 Micron.

Just a beginning:

some detail:

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Farragut schoolhouse

Stopping now before I do something dumb overwork it.  Normally, I would put it away for a few days then go back and tweak some more.  But not this time; it’s being delivered over the weekend.

Overall, I’m OK with how it turned out; the client wanted a pretty exact rendering, so the only license I took was in omitting some neighboring structures/trees and placing the playground equipment.  The drawing is fairly small, and I found it difficult at times to get as much detail into it as was needed.  But on the plus side, the small size made it possible to complete the drawing fairly quickly.

Farragut schoolhouse

Finished size: 6-1/8″ x 9-7/8″  on Strathmore 400 (80 lb.) drawing paper using a 005 Micron pen

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almost there

It still needs some tweaking here and there…  the large tree needs a wee bit of darkening and a couple of the thicker limbs need to be extended upward somewhat, the roof needs a bit of darkening in places, I need to put some grassy indications into the foreground, …and I keep forgetting to draw the swings!   But it’s almost there:

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