Do you Zazzle?

I’m kinda excited.   Last year around this time, I finally finished the Seasonal Carousel Horse drawings I’d been working on for… well… too long.

And, at that time I mentioned I would like to try to make the drawings available on note cards or greeting cards or the like eventually.

I finally took the leap and opened a Zazzle store:  Teresa Wentzler Art on Zazzle

There’s not a lot there yet:  just the seasonal horses and some of my flower drawings offered as blank cards, but with the option to customize.  It’s been quite a learning curve so far, and I’m taking things slow.

In order to be sure that the products I’m offering for sale are suited for pen and ink reproduction and will therefore be high quality, I’m testing them by ordering them for myself first.  I have to say I’m very pleased so far.

I’m currently testing poster sizes for the same artwork;  I’ll keep you posted on that.

Stop by and have a look.  (I’m still working on a logo, and figuring out the bizarre gradient in the header area, so those things are still work in progress.)  I’m always open to suggestions, comments, and constructive critique.


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2 Responses to Do you Zazzle?

  1. Ann (WG) says:

    Oh Wow! The carousel horses are probably going to be very popular cards. Tracery Dragons would probably look very good on those cards too, or a modified version of it, since the detail could end up being very small.

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