a little piece of history

This one room schoolhouse still stands close to where I live.  It’s served over the years as a grammar school for the immediate area (One of my husband’s aunts taught there, and his elder sister attended classes there.), as a utility building for the neighboring church (which owns it) as a meeting place for a local boy scout troop, and as the township’s polling place. Unfortunately, like many such buildings, it now stands empty and unusable, awaiting possible repair or demolition.  I’m hoping the funds can be found to reclaim it and save this small piece of local history.

I’m mainly using my own photos and memory (faulty as it is!) to do this drawing for a friend who has been patiently waiting for too long.  Presently, all that remains of the playground equipment is the swings; the sliding board and teeter-totters are no longer due in part to the ravages of the elements, but primarily because of liability concerns.

I find drawing architecture quite challenging… trying to imbue a building with character is daunting to me!  I’ll try to let its history do the talking.

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3 Responses to a little piece of history

  1. annerose says:

    The slide, the school bell and the weathered roof, they all show the buildings character.

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