I think I’m on a roll… this time the series may actually get completed!

Summer carousel horse

This horse is significantly altered from the original cross-stitch design that inspired it, but I’m liking the additional colors: looks more summer-y to me.

Like Spring, this piece is done on heavy illustration board using Micron pens and Faber-Castell watercolor pencils for the tinting.


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One Response to Summer

  1. bettielee says:

    I so remember stitching this design! 🙂 It was my first evenweave experience – I taught myself and it led me to swear off Aida for the longest time I got over myself eventually, but I just love linen and those kinds of fabrics, and I’m thankful to you for that, as well as the years and years of wonderful designs. 🙂 Sadly, I don’t stitch anymore because I’m trying to write now, and I can’t have two obsessions.

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