peony season

It’s mid-June. (I know, right?!?!)  Anyway, that means it’s peony season here in north-central PA. And I am once again under the spell of this most beautiful and short-lived flower (because it’s raining alot, as it seems to do every year during peony-blooming season)…

3 peonies in process

3 peonies detail

Originally, this drawing began as a study in which I was determined not to contrast the flowers against a dark, dark background.  Unfortunately, there is so much pen detail in the flowers, that the effect was of three dark blobs with stems against the white paper background.  The placement of the flowers did not make it visually interesting enough either.  The drawing definitely needed help.

So, I’ve begun to darken the background and add foliage…  we’ll see if I can stop at the proper time.  For those interested in such things, I’m using a variety of Micron pens, Faber-Castell Pitt Artist pens (especially for the dark darks as the Micron pigments just aren’t true black) on Strathmore 500 bristol.

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2 Responses to peony season

  1. Thanks for stopping by Deb, and for commenting; I appreciate your kind words!

  2. Deb Bailey says:

    Very pretty,and true to life….we are behind with our gardens here in Northern wonderful to see these drawings…Thanks!

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