It’s been awhile.

A long while.  Life has a way of writing it’s own script, and sometimes all you can do is hang in there.  And wait for things to calm down.

Thankfully, the hectic-ness of the last several months has begun to lessen, and I’m looking forward to having more time (and energy) for art and other things creative.

The annual move from spacious (un-heated) studio space into cramped, (but heated) main house bedroom/studio has happened, so that chore is out of the way.

Also, I finally have DSL, (!!!) so posting should be much less painful than it was with dial-up.  So, hopefully, there will be more here more often.

Thanks for stopping by.

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2 Responses to It’s been awhile.

  1. lottloft says:

    Hooray for DSL!! Glad things have calmed down there.

  2. Debbie Nolan says:

    Dear Teresa – will be looking forward to your posts. So glad you have heat in your studio space. Have a great day.

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