roses… again

Flowers are once more on the drawing board.  And what can I say? I just can’t resist roses.

This is the reference photo:

I’ve really only nicely gotten started, but it’s been so long I thought I should share at least *something*!

some detail:

Still working on the contour-style technique; it does seem to be coming to me a little more easily.  There are small areas of the drawing done with a dip pen rather than the fixed tip pens (Pigma Microns) I usually use, which allows for more variation in line width. (Hand control issues continue to be a challenge.)

A few obvious changes in the drawing: I’ve repositioned the blooms slightly in hopes of utilizing the negative space (areas between the flowers) to tweak the composition a bit.  The flowers in the upper right corner and the lower left corner will be removed.  Foliage will also be simplified. Will it be a very dark background again?  Not sure at this point.

A note: The photo is from the WetCanvas Reference Library, but when I downloaded the image several months ago, I stupidly lost the name of the photographer.  Unfortunately, I think the photo has been removed from the library, and I can’t properly attribute it.  My apologies to the maker of this wonderful photo.

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7 Responses to roses… again

  1. Debbie Nolan says:

    Teresa love your pen and ink of the roses. You are so talented – thanks for sharing. Take Care and God Bless.

  2. Silverlotus says:

    I think it is progressing really well. I love the look of the contours. Very interesting.

  3. Edie Howe says:

    OK, so I have more than one blog! You can find my photography blog here:

    I hope you’re well and happy, Teresa. Your cross stitch designs brought me joy, delight, and a sense of accomplishment. Thank you for that.


    • Nice to hear from you Edie! It sounds like you are living quite an adventure these days! I’ll check out your blog…and thanks so much for the offer of use of your images: it’s very much appreciated!

  4. Admin says:

    Hello, Teresa!
    Long ago and far away I was a member of your cross stitch forums; Times have changed, and I moved from textile art to photography! I live and work in Yosemite National Park, and have my own blog.

    Should you need other images to work from, feel free to use any of my work. I’m glad to see you growing and expanding your talent.

    All the best,

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