more bleeding hearts

I’m still plugging away on the bleeding hearts… there’s a distance to go yet, but it’s coming.  Slowly.  (A recent injection in my arthritic thumb has helped immensely!)

I’m using several different photos for reference, and they all have different light sources.  So, I’m concentrating on visualizing the flower shapes, general leaf patterns and how I imagine the light would fall on things rather than depending so heavily on the photos.  I’m finding it surprisingly “freeing”.

…which probably sounds silly, given that most of my art previously has been of the fantastical variety and done without using much reference material at all.

Moving away from that genre had the unexpected effect of causing tentativeness and uncertainty for me with both technique competency and subject choices.  I’ve been struggling to find a balance between the creative spontaneity/freedom I used to have when doing fantasy art and the demands of the realism I now feel inspired to pursue.  It’s proving to be an interesting (and sometimes very frustrating) challenge.

Ultimately, the only way to find the balance I’m seeking is simply to continue to “do the work”.  Eventually, I’ll get there.

So, onward.  (thanks for listening!)

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