lady’s locket

Another old-fashioned perennial is bleeding heart, sometimes called lyre flower or lady’s locket. (dicentra spectabilis)  The plant was originally from the Orient, and was brought to England by British botanist Robert Fortune in 1847.  It adapted readily to the climate, and rapidly became a favorite of Victorian gardeners.

I’m finding the flowers challenging to render.  They are such delicate things, and my pen lines seem almost too heavy.   I’m depending on a dark background for contrast, and cross-hatching to contrast with the contour technique used in the flowers.

Perhaps a different approach next time: much lighter-handed pen work with watercolor tinting.  It might be a nice change.

Ah well, I’ve come this far; I’ll press on.

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One Response to lady’s locket

  1. Katya says:

    Very detailed drawing. I think you are right about “light” pen work and watercolors – so many heavy lines make the flowers look a little… hairy. 🙂
    Keep at it, you are great.

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