some background

Some progress on the day lilies…

In my previous post, the flowers seemed extra dark to me… perhaps it was simply that they were totally surrounded by white paper.  Now that the darker foliage is taking shape, they seem somewhat lighter by contrast.  I’ll need to continue pushing the foliage into the background (darkening it) to make it more effective.

In treating this kind of background, I find that darkening by degrees is the best way to control my overzealous pen.  So, I draw the shadowing and other detail of the leaves in their entirety, then go back and intensify the darkness by adding cross-hatching on top.  Even though some of the detail may nearly disappear in the darkest areas, enough of the “structure” I’ve taken pains to establish remains visible, hopefully adding extra depth and realism to the drawing.

I have quite a long way to go.


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