old roses

Critique time.  I’m glad I stuck with it and finished.

The main things I’m taking away from this project:

1. Work on editing.  When working from a photo, it’s very tempting to try to render everything in it.  Rarely a good idea.  Which bring me to:

2. Be more aware of the value range.  The eye can discern almost limitless colors, but far fewer values (the steps from light to dark).  Pen and ink marks approximate values, and they need to be well defined for maximum impact.

3.  While this point is more subjective, it’s certainly worth taking into account:  Fit the technique to the subject.  Perhaps a different technique or combination thereof would have worked better for this flower.  The rose petals are so smooth that the pen lines (especially when viewed close-up) are a bit jarring.

4.  While the technique is what it is, it’s still only the means to expressing the essence of what one wants to say.  When it competes with the subject, it’s not a good thing.

5.  Try not to over-do it.  (Bwwaaaaahahahahaha!)

Sorry about that. 😉

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One Response to old roses

  1. Lisa says:

    I’ve found, when editing photos, that “try not to over do it” bit is rather difficult! Is there really such a thing as “too much” of a good thing? LOL

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