more peony

More progress on the peony…

Because the range of values (highlights to very dark) in the reference pic isn’t that great, I’m finding I need to be really careful to make sure to exaggerate what contrasts I do see.

I left off working on the top of the flower to instead focus on the background for awhile. I don’t want to lose those very light areas by getting overzealous with the pen, (which seems to happen before I even have an inkling. (Sorry, no pun intended.)

The need for some extra contrast led me to a decision: the background bits at the top of the photo that are light (there is a building with light colored siding behind this particular peony bush) are being inverted to very dark instead… hopefully making the flower appear lighter by contrast, and adding to the “rainy weather” feel of the piece.   While the wished-for contrast is *beginning* to happen,  I realized while ago that there is probably no way this peony is going to appear to be white! 🙂

One thing I might mention about working from reference photos in general: Just because it’s a nice image doesn’t mean that all aspects of it will work in a drawing. The art needs to be interesting to look at by itself… it will hang on a wall by itself to be judged on its own merit; the reference photo(s) won’t be displayed with it. 😉

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