peony in the rain

I love peonies. They are, to me, just as lovely as roses. I finally was able to get a decent photo this spring:

Here’s the drawing so far:

I’m trying to concentrate on the total image… not just the flower, but also it’s relationship to what’s around it. Pen and ink can look very antiseptic or “cold”… it can bring to mind scientific/botanical illustrations in a field guide: drawings used for identification purposes.

So it’s become very important to try to capture the “life” of the subject rather than to focus only on its attributes as a peony.  The lines are intentionally fluid and as organic-looking as I can make them (at present).

To my mind, the context is nearly as important as the flower: the subdued lighting, the raindrops weighing down, then dripping off the petals, the dark foliage… the opportunity to delve so deeply into the subject helps me to see more than just a beautiful flower.

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