The month has flown by (again).

It has been extraordinarily rainy here all month; outdoor chores have been crammed into a scant handful of rain-free days. One would think that in being confined indoors for most of that time, I *should* have been more productive in the finished art department.  Alas, such has not been the case.

Ah well! I was, however, able to finish a drawing for the May Pen and Ink challenge on Wet Canvas:

(The reference photo is by WetCanvas member Patrick Hedges.)

I chose to use cross-hatching because the lion’s fur suggested the technique. Hair has always been very challenging for me to render effectively, so I thought I’d give it a go. The photo has really wonderful contrast; a full range of all tones from very light to very dark. Plus, I adore felines of all sizes.

As I usually do with a portrait, I started at the eyes… because if I don’t get them right, for me, the essence is lost. As luck would have it, I got them right the first time. 🙂

(Post edited to add the reference photo.)

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10 Responses to lioness

  1. Galhenat says:

    How is the arthritis going? (or not going as it may be). I hope it is better…

    • The injection has helped quite a bit… I still have to be careful of overusing/over-stressing the joint. All-in-all, it feels much better though… quite a relief. 🙂

  2. Jan says:

    Beautiful work Teresa. Do you think “Heaven and Earth Designs” would be interested in turning your watercolor and pen sketches into stitchery charts? They do it for other artists why not you?

  3. Erica says:

    Another gorgeous piece. I looked at the art before I read what you wrote – I find it interesting that I looked into the eyes first and thought ‘what soulful eyes she has’…. So, I definitely think you got the eyes right! 🙂

    I’m not sure about the neck/shoulders of your lioness though – they seem overly large and blocky to my eye – I would expect a more graceful neck line in a lioness, but maybe that’s just my perspective….. I should go look at the original work, I guess…..

    Still, the head, face and ears are *perfect*. I keep being drawn back to the eyes.

  4. WhizGidget says:

    That is gorgeous! Beautiful work Teresa!


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