a tangent

Since I haven’t made too much headway on the Horses, I thought I’d share what I have been drawing otherwise:

Wet Canvas, a huge online artist community I joined awhile ago, is an amazing resource for anyone interested in things artsy… whether you’re an artist or not.    There are many different “channels” covering everything from A-Z, including a forum specifically for Pen and Ink.

Every month, there is a Pen and Ink Project: several images from Wet Canvas’ extensive online reference library (contributed by community members) are chosen by the forum’s guide.  These are posted and folks are encouraged to create artwork based on the images to share with the forum members.  The main criteria is to use ink somehow in the art you create…oh yes, …and to enjoy yourself!

Much of my ink work is tremendously tight and minutely detailed.  I am trying to do some looser, sketchier drawings… but still retain accuracy.  Also, it’s been a long, long time since I drew anything except what I could pull from my imagination.  In the interim, my observation skills have become a bit rusty.  While I’m not yet doing pen drawing “from life”, my ability to render accurately is improving (slowly) as I do smaller drawings from photos.

Here is my first effort, (based on a photo by WC board member Water_girl):

(Of course, I couldn’t resist the fact that there was needlework (lace) in the photo!) 🙂 The image seemed to lend itself to my technique of choice: cross hatching.

Fun stuff!

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4 Responses to a tangent

  1. twentzler says:

    Glad you like it! I find color to be very distracting when drawing in ink; if able, I change images to grayscale in Photoshop to better see the values. It’s easier than squinting at things all the time! 🙂 One of the reasons I love pen and ink is because I can explore what’s “under” the color.

  2. twentzler says:

    Erica, Thanks! I was fascinated by the shiny-ness of the cherries, and the challenge of showing that with hatched lines. I kept wanting to put more detail into the doily… tried hard to keep it loose. (I also have doilies my grandmother made; love using them on special occasions.)

  3. Fiona says:

    I am totally awed! I cannot understand how you are able to put so much detail with a single, simple medium……..I can comprehend a colour painting, but black ink is like hearing an unknown foreign language!

  4. Erica says:

    That’s beautiful! I feel like it could reach out and grab a yummy cherry for a snack. Well done! The lace reminds me of some of the doilies my grandmother crocheted (and I still have).

    I’ll have to have a little browse around Wet Canvas when I get a chance. Even if I can’t draw a stick person, it still looks interesting. 🙂

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