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Forest Watcher revisited

OK.   Now it’s finished. After looking at it from a distance for a day or so, I decided to try to try to balance the darks in the rest of the drawing to make the hand look less dark.  Most … Continue reading

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Forest Watcher

Well, I’m calling it finished.  If I keep going, I’m going to really mess it up. I’m not happy with how the hand turned out.  I choked on it and got far too tight and fiddly… not to mention: too … Continue reading

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sometimes you need a prop

Some more progress on the Watcher. I accomplished quite a bit more on the leaves/greenery.  At about this point, I started getting the uncomfortable feeling that something wasn’t quite right, though I couldn’t put my finger on it.  A nagging … Continue reading

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taking license

I found another image from Wet Canvas’ online reference library that I wanted to draw. (It’s by the same photographer as the snail carving in my last post: ploverwing.  Apparently, it’s from the same batch of carvings adorning official buildings … Continue reading

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hard edged

One more post of another drawing from the Monthly Pen and Ink Project on WetCanvas.  This one is a bit different for me.  Normally, I use quite a lot of cross-hatching.  I am very comfortable with the technique.  However, that … Continue reading

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face time

One of the images for the Pen and Ink Project at WetCanvas this month is a beautiful portrait photo (by board member OzonaLori).  I’ve never attempted a portrait in ink before… for me it’s scary enough in an erasable medium … Continue reading

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a tangent

Since I haven’t made too much headway on the Horses, I thought I’d share what I have been drawing otherwise: Wet Canvas, a huge online artist community I joined awhile ago, is an amazing resource for anyone interested in things … Continue reading

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