scratch that

Obviously, I am nothing if not “flexible” (which is a nice way of saying I haven’t a clue.  Truly.).

Since my last post, I am back to making headway on the original format for the horse drawings.  (I really couldn’t *stand* those simplified “just finish ’em!” drawings.  ‘Nuff said.)

Sigh.  But this *is* my actual journey right now, and as incredibly schizophrenic as it seems, I am learning/ making progress, albeit slowly.  Got whiplash yet?

So, here is some progress on “Summer”:

Something happened which, not too long ago, would have sent me scurrying to start over…  I violated one of the cardinal rules of drawing (especially with pen and ink): I wasn’t paying attention to the *entire* drawing and got far too dark on something that should have been (value-wise) quite light.  It happens when I put on my magnifiers, and zero in on a section of a drawing… and get all caught up in rendering (making the ink lines), while ignoring the context (how it all fits together).  I should know better by now.  I really should.

Anyway.  The little blanket-like skirt thing covering the horse’s rump was supposed to be very light.  It’s not.  Against the original color (value) I had chosen for the horse (a light to medium dapple gray), it would simply appear as an uninteresting gray blob: no contrast.  So, in an attempt to fix it, I’ve opted to press on and make the horse much darker than I originally intended (already visible on the neck).  By contrast, I hope to make the overworked blanket area appear much lighter than it is now.  And besides that, I’ve never drawn very dark coloration on an animal, so am rather keen to try my hand at that.

Will it work?  I have absolutely no idea. 🙂  One thing’s for sure, though.  If successful, it will certainly have a much different feel from the original needlework piece that inspired it.

Stay tuned.

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4 Responses to scratch that

  1. twentzler says:

    Thanks so much for commenting, Kathy, Fiona and Jan! I’m sorry that progress on this piece has been almost non-existent lately. I did order a horse anatomy atlas just recently…(a little late, I know!) Hoping to make more progress soon.

  2. Jan says:

    I’m with you Kathy… A black stallion would be great to see!!!

  3. Fiona says:

    You know, I love hearing that something happens in the middle of a project that makes you go off in a different direction…….it makes me feel all cozy and less undisciplined! Anything I produce is not so much ‘created’ as ‘oops, how did that happen?’ 🙂

  4. Kathy says:

    Hi Teresa! I am really enjoying reading your “process” as you bring these horses to life! I am picky and like the accuracy of your horses’ anatomy, particularly the legs. They put to mind the term “palfrey” (light horse for ladies) and really have the carousel look to them! Nothing wrong with a dark steel colored dapple gray, or even a black stallion! Please do keep at them! Thanks for letting us see inside your head while you draw!–Kathy

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