in a winter-y mood

I’ve been busy with a commission project for a couple of weeks, but I’m back.

As some of you know, I designed counted cross stitch patterns for a loooong time… and some of the designs I created have (to me) begged to be re-done as drawings.  There were so many details that simply had to be left out of those designs in order to keep them at manageable (and marketable!) size.  Creating drawings that “finish” those original design ideas is somehow very satisfying.

In some cases, I like the subject, but want to play with the arrangement of elements in the composition.  One such is this piece:  “Companions“.

I’ve always liked the interaction between the figure and the horse. But I’ve also many times thought to try something different with the arrangement of the figures.  Rather than the horizontal format and straightforward side-view of everything, I wanted to try something more “cozy” with a vertical format.  My main purpose is to focus in on the interaction between the man and the horse, and really only indicate much of the surrounding snowy forest-y surroundings:

The idea of this pair has always appealed to me as something that would be suitable for a greeting card or somesuch.  I’ve also got in mind that it should be an evening or night scene…  we’ll see!

I’ve noticed that I’m definitely in a holiday season frame of mind; I’ve been playing Christmas music for a week now!

And,  I know I have moved on to yet another drawing without finishing up the seasonal horse series, but… well… when the muse beckons, I follow!

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9 Responses to in a winter-y mood

  1. Susan Mackay says:

    I just love this remade version of this design. I do a lot of your cross stitches, I just adore them! And I also do a lot of drawing myself.

    I really prefer the new composition better than the original and wish it was the one made into cross stitch. I would make it in a heart beat!

  2. Ternezia says:

    Nice….You indeed achieved a close interaction between the man and the horse – he looks at the horse with love 🙂 Whatever you decide to do, be it cross stitch design or drawing, it will surely be a very warm piece.

  3. meljoyes says:

    I love the arrangement of these two! And I like the idea of twilight colouring! And I woild love to see this one in cross stitch! Maybe as a cushion! It is beautiful!

    • twentzler says:

      I’m glad the composition appeals to you; and I’m adding another vote to the “in favor of twilight/evening”. 😉 Thanks for commenting.

      It occurs to me that some folks might feel I’m being cruel or intentionally taunting in revisiting my needlework designs as inspiration for new drawings… but that I’m not planning to convert them into new designs. I hope that isn’t the case; it’s certainly not my intention. My purpose is to share the journey I’m on as an artist; and to go where ever that adventure takes me. Thank you for coming with me!

      • Melissa says:

        I wish you joy on your journey! And I can’t wait to see where it takes you! And I’m glad you allow us to join you!

        Besides, it’s just wishful thinking on my part! LOL! I first discovered you as a needlework designer, but I have enjoyed looking over your shoulder, so to speak, discovering the art that inspires that! And I have a weakness for ink sketches. They call to me some how! Thanks again, Teresa

  4. Brangane says:

    I love the drawing with the interaction between the two. I can see that with a darker blue background as if the light is dropping. I would stitch that if you ever publish whereas Companions has never grabbed me.

    • twentzler says:

      Thanks for commenting, Brangane… and for being candid!

      It’s interesting for me to see how my own preferences have changed over time. While I enjoyed creating the design all those years ago, as time went by, (and it stayed in print/available to stitchers) I began to think about alternate possibilities for the idea. I guess it’s inevitable!

  5. This drawing is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE it. I know it’s probably not in your intentions, but if ever you publish it as cross-stitch chart, I would definitively stitch right away!

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