it lives!

My (old) faithful laptop was repair-able after all!  (Diagnosis: fried hard drive. Remedy: new hard drive.)… so I’m back in cyberspace again. 🙂

Warning: If you don’t care for people venting online, you might want to scroll down past the next paragraph.

The new laptop I mentioned in the last post was returned to Apple when I found that it did not have an internal modem… which is necessary for those of us STILL on dial-up without high-speed access at all, or affordable satellite access or even decent wireless access!  I was told I’d need to use an external modem (with a laptop?  Give me a break.), but Apple does not sell them, nor do they provide support (which I thought was a tad ironic since I bought the $250.00 Apple Care Protection Plan along with the laptop).  Because, and get this, I was told: “It’s obsolete technology”.  Hmmm.  Well, thanks buckets, Apple.   Sheesh!  So, back it went.

OK, I’m done. 😉

For those of you who follow my needlework blog, it is going to be quiet for awhile… at least as far as the crewel design project goes.  I’m having issues with my hands; holding/manipulating a needle has become VERY difficult as of late. Hopefully, I will find a remedy and be able to resume stitching again.

Miraculously, however, holding a pencil (or pen) doesn’t seem to have the same effect (intense PAIN), so I will continue pushing forward with my artwork.

I also wanted to let folks know that I am able to *reliably*  receive e-mail again.  So, if you’ve tried to contact me in the last 3 weeks or so, please re-send!  I promise to answer promptly! 🙂

Thanks for your patience!


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One Response to it lives!

  1. Erin in MI says:

    Isn’t it lovely being told you are obsolete?? Sheesh.

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