bearded iris

Revisiting the iris…

As the background becomes darker, the flower is taking more definite shape.  I would like to leave part of the background as merely indicated, but I’m not at all sure it can be pulled off effectively.  I’ve been using a very light hand (limited detail) on the flower, to balance the values with the background. As the drawing is growing, it’s possible to add a bit more tone to the flower without losing the essential fragility of the petals. Maintaining the contrast is key.

Confession: I’ve been putting off working on the foremost petal (which, in iris parlance is termed a “fall”).  It’s got a lot of surface detail I don’t want to mess up, and I’m trying to figure out exactly how to handle the “beard” area (the bit that looks (texturally) like a woolly-worm caterpillar) on each fall. (Apologies to those squeamish about crawl-y things.)

Which reminds me: I have seen almost no woollies this year so far… maybe it’s still too early?  A town not too far from here has an annual Woolly Worm Festival, which I’ve not yet attended … 🙂

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2 Responses to bearded iris

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh good! The Woolly festival isn’t till October. Lost of time to get there. LOL I saw a few on the road the other day & the temps are still in the 90’s here. I hope that doesn’t mean our winter is going to be as cold as summer has been hot. UGH!

    And who knew that iris bits had names too? I knew about the beard though. The iris is one of the prettiest flowers, IMO. Will you be adding color to this?

    • twentzler says:

      Hi Lisa,
      I’m ready for an end to these 90-plus degree days too! Bring on the snow! LOL
      I won’t be adding color this time; the ink lines will be doing all the work.

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