fall horse progress

As mentioned previously, I’m back in the studio and making significant progress again on drawings that have been waiting in the wings for what seems like forever!

The fall horse is coming along nicely (finally).  This is the third start in ink for this drawing.  It’s becoming increasingly challenging to keep the level of ink work similar to the drawings in this series that are already finished…hence the re-starts.  But I am persevering.

Some details:


Some details on the horse have been changed (from the pencil drawing), most notably the bridle; the double tassels were obscuring too much of the horse’s neck, and I was having trouble rendering those muscles effectively.

Some progress has also been made on the iris drawing… when I need a break from horses. 😉

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3 Responses to fall horse progress

  1. Lisa says:

    Maybe, as painful as the back felt, it gave you a chance to recharge your creative juices? You have an amazing ability to add texture to with both floss & ink to your designs. Which is a good thing for someone (me) that wants to reach out & touch them.

    I did think of you while on vacation in mid August. Melinda flew here to NC & we hit the beaches & chased wild ponies! We spent a morning on Shackleford Banks, a tiny, uninhabited, barrier island on the Cape Lookout National Seashore. The banks are home to several small herds of ponies believed to have descended from Spanish Mustangs that swam to shore from shipwrecked boats, around 400 years ago. I could have sat around watching them watch me all day! LOL

  2. twentzler says:

    🙂 My favorite carousel horse carvers seemed to lean often toward the wonderfully “dished” profile and sweet expression of the Arab horse breed… thanks for the kind words!

  3. Silverlotus says:

    I really like the braid and quilted look of the saddle. And I think you have give the horse a very sweet expression. It is turning out wonderfully, I think.

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