back in the saddle

Sorry for the silence… I was away on vacation, which unexpectedly grew in duration by a couple of extra days.  I had a very relaxing time doing … well… not much of anything! which, I guess is the whole point of a vacation. 🙂  Anyway.  I’m back, and will be posting regularly again.

In the meantime, something art-sy to pass along:

A couple years ago, I joined an online artists’ community called  It’s a HUGE community consisting of different channels, with forum after forum of artists (and art lovers) sharing and discussing just about every art-related discipline/interest you could possibly imagine.  I’ve only just begun to explore the information available there (it really would help to have a fast internet connection!). Usually, I haunt the Pen and Ink forum. 😉

If you are at all interested in things ART, I highly recommend a visit!

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2 Responses to back in the saddle

  1. Ana Luisa says:

    Your drawings of horses are quite pretty, well done. Thank for sharing. 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    Welcome back from your extended vacation. Hope you went somewhere fun. I can’t wait till mine in August. A whole week terrorizing the outer banks with Melinda & our cameras (our latest addictions!)

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