castle inspiration

A few days ago, I posted an image of the Spring horse, and said that I needed to leave it alone for awhile.  Then I thought that I might as well move on with the other two horses and work on getting them to the same point as the Spring horse.

So, I’ve been working on the pencil final (I finish it before transferring the drawing to paper for inking) of the Autumn steed, and I think I finally have the background sketched to my satisfaction:

One of the things I’m trying to do to give this series cohesiveness (aside from stylistic/technique stuff) is to create interesting/inviting scenes as seen through the doorways behind the horses.  I have a soft spot for castles, (since they can be totally romanticized!), and I’m trying to choose types that would “fit” the scenery I’m picturing to complement the horses.  It’s been fun searching through my reference books to find parts of castles that appeal and that I can glom together to make fit the “story” of each horse.

The castle in Autumn’s scene is largely influenced by the beautiful Chateau l’Aigle, which is located in a wine-growing district of southeastern Switzerland near the French border:  

image © Steve Vidler/Leo de Wys Inc.   From: “Castles and Fortresses”, by Robin S. Oggins.  ISBN: 1-56799-095-9

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3 Responses to castle inspiration

  1. Galhenat says:

    Don’t worry about it. I just hope you had a lovely vacation. 🙂
    Thank you very much for the reply.


  2. Galhenat says:

    Yay! New updates, I always enjoy reading them. I don’t know what I like best, your needlework designs or your artwork….
    Anyway, I have some questions: how do you transfer your sketches to the watercolour paper and when I look at the drawings on your blog, what kind of size are the originals? Letter sized, 3 feet by 3 feet? I find it hard to gauge the scale and thought I’d ask. Sorry…
    Thanks in advance for your replies.

    • twentzler says:

      Galhenat, (Sorry for the delay, I’ve been away for the week on vacation.)
      Thanks for commenting!
      I transfer drawings using carbon paper; the 300 lb. watercolor paper I’m using is too thick to allow tracing on a light table. The drawing size I’m using for the horses is 10″ x 10″… this is total drawing size, not just the image itself.

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