more of spring

I’ve been working on the Spring horse…

The point has been reached where I need to stop looking at the drawing for a bit. I still have background indication to do, a bit more shading on the foliage patch on the right…(Sorry for the dark photo!)

I’m using a black micron pigma pen (005) on 300 lb. hot press Fabriano watercolor paper as it will be tinted with watercolor like the previous horse.  While the paper doesn’t allow tremendously crisp lines, I am able to vary line thickness quite a bit without things bleeding. (I love this paper.)

The detail image below shows how I am handling the flora at the base of the arch.  I was very nervous to start this bit… it’s where I’ve really messed up two previous drawings (eek!).  The main challenges are: 1. It’s fairly dark because it’s farthest from the main light source, which is at the top right corner, *and* it’s in shadow from the horse’s body. 2. It’s not the focal point, so it needs to be *somewhat* indistinct. It’s a bit more busy than it should be probably, but at this point… it is what it is, I guess! 😉

There are violets, bleeding hearts, and primroses… and the bottom of the morning glory vine.  It will be interesting to see what it looks like once it’s tinted; I’m having trouble imagining it!

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