from the (rather distant) past

Several years ago, I began working on a series of pen and ink drawings based on my seasonal carousel horse counted cross stitch designs.

After finishing the winter horse, “Snow Dancer”, for various reasons, I shelved the rest of the series… hoping one day I would be able to get back to them.  (FYI: limited edition prints of Snow Dancer are still available… 🙂

Between then and now, I made some attempts at doing the horses as smaller drawings, but was less than pleased with the outcome… I found I simply need to do them larger so I can do justice to the original vision I had for them.

So!  Once again, I am working on the series.

Taken altogether, this is my fourth attempt at the Spring horse, and I am finally happy with the result so far…

It’s an interesting challenge picking up these drawings again.  My style has changed a bit, so in order to give the series stylistic cohesiveness, I keep a Snow Dancer print in front of me as I’m drawing. I have to constantly remind myself of how I handled various aspects of shading, values (light and dark), and how much heavy lifting I left to the watercolor tinting.

Quite frankly, I am a bit out of practice. The discipline of finishing this series would seem to be just what the doctor ordered. 🙂

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2 Responses to from the (rather distant) past

  1. twentzler says:

    Thanks, Mary, for your kind words!

    At present, of the horse series, I have only “Snow Dancer” prints available for purchase… and I’m handling sales via e-mail. My e-mail link is in the sidebar under “Links of Interest”; please contact me for details.

    I’m hoping to make the other horse prints available as I finish them, and can afford to have them made into prints. Also, I’m working on an art website, which I hope will be ready by fall… then I can offer my other fantasy prints for sale again as well.

  2. Mary P. says:

    I love this carousel horse (and Winter Dancer as well!) – where can we get limited-edition prints?? Longtime fan of your work and have all your needlework charts!!

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