draft horses update

I know it’s been forever, and I apologize for my absence.  I hope your new year is going well, and your resolutions are still intact!

I am still working full time, so have minimal time/energy to create art, unfortunately.

However, I have decided to make the draft horses drawing available on selected products in my Zazzle storePosters, greeting cards, and tote bags.   I hope you’ll enjoy them!

If you’d like to see the horses available on other specific products, please let me know via the comments.

Thanks for stopping by!

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an update

Sorry for my absence… I’m now working full time (plus overtime), so I simply don’t have time (or energy) to do any drawing at present.

I hope you will all have a wonderful summer!

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draft horses 5

For now, they are finished… a few days away from them, then I’ll decide what (if any) background to add.  At this point, I’m really just ready to be done. 🙂

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draft horses 4

Still working on the drafts… they are coming along slowly but surely.

The manes are very light colored, so I will be adding a background of some sort… probably a stone or barn wall or something similar for contrast, which should make the light hair more visible.  Additionally, without some context, it’s just a study, not a story. 🙂

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draft horses 3

Some more work on the harness… it’s rather slow going (many interruptions this week!)  and the hardware bits are a more than a little fiddly, but it’s coming along steadily.  I’m certainly learning to observe closely!  It’s great that the photo is so very clear… makes things easier.

more harness…

I’m also posting the progress of this drawing to the Pen and Ink forum on WetCanvas.com

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draft horses 2

Decided to number the posts for this work in progress.

A bit more accomplished on the harness… it’s easy to get lost in rendering all that detail.  It requires more contrast, but it’s getting there.

some serious work on the harness…

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New art – draft horses 1

Finally!  This winter has been a very long one.

And, it’s been well over a year since I’ve posted anything here: my apologies.  Time has a way of slipping past.  Wish I could say I’ve been producing lots and lots of art, but alas… that would be a lie.  But!… no dwelling on the past and its difficulties.  Onward.

I found an intriguing photo on Pixabay.com that I just couldn’t resist:

Photo from Pixabay. Thank you to WildOne for sharing this beautiful image!

Just a bit about Pixabay: it’s an incredible resource for professional-quality images, which are free to use: (the following is taken from the site’s terms of Service):

“Images and Videos on Pixabay are released under Creative Commons CC0. To the extent possible under law, uploaders of Pixabay have waived their copyright and related or neighboring rights to these Images and Videos. You are free to adapt and use them for commercial purposes without attributing the original author or source.”

Like I said: a truly incredible resource.  I am so grateful to the artists who upload their work to share in this way:  Thank you!!

Just a short time ago, my old laptop died, and I’m in the process of upgrading peripherals to work with my new(er) machine.  Unfortunately, my scanner has not yet arrived, so please bear with me as I use my trusty little digital camera for image capture… sorry it’s washed out… I tried to adjust things in Photoshop, but it just wasn’t cooperating!

So far:

working title: “Chained to the World”

Why I chose such a complicated subject, I don’t know. I’ve always loved horses, and the image just seemed so perfect. The photographer chose to use black and white, which is a magnet for me!  And the dramatic lighting didn’t hurt either. 🙂 Technique of choice for this piece is mainly cross-hatching.  The finished size will be rather on the large side: 10.5″ X 16″.  I’m using Micron pens in various sizes on Strathmore 500 Bristol.

I’m not even going to attempt to predict a finish date…




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