it’s February already

My seasonal job at a local orchard has officially ended (nearly 2 months earlier than last year).  Last season’s apple crop was extremely heavy for our region, but this year’s was lighter.  Added to that, this season, many growers north of our location experienced late freezes which severely limited harvest for them.  This summer, higher-than-normal temperatures and too little rainfall lowered yields overall.  Every year is different; each has its own challenges.  I have to say: my hat’s off to those folks who grow our food; it’s hard for me to imagine being so at the mercy of the vagaries of the weather for a chosen livelihood!  I know I don’t begin to have the nerve for it.

But I digress.

After taking a few days off to try to change gears and catch up on a few things, I’m once again back at the drawing table…and, slowly but surely, getting back into a creative mindset.  I’m not sure why I’ve never been able to continue to work on my art while being employed.  For some reason, my art and my job have always  seemed mutually exclusive: two totally opposite head-spaces for me.   Probably just a case of not enough energy to go around. 😉

Ah well!  Hopefully, I’ll have something new art-wise to share before too long.

In the meantime, happy February!

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New Year Wishes

It’s been a long year: extraordinary in so many ways both wonderful and… well…not-so-much.  Mostly for me though, I’m just ready again, (as I always am), to bid this tired year adieu! and to look forward to beginning the new year afresh.

I hope this post finds you looking forward to 2017.  May you find all you hope for and more!

Happy New Year!

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back to the grind

I’m back at my seasonal job, so will be mostly offline for the next several months.

Hope you’ll all have a lovely summer and fall.

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who knew?

In my last post, I said I would update you on new products as they became available in my Zazzle store.  The seasonal horses are now available in poster sizes, and the same horses without the borders are available on a couple tote bag styles.

I just had to share images of a bag I made for my 4 yr. old niece Zoe while at the same time testing the quality of the reproduction of the seasonal carousel horses on various products:

And, to test another horse, the other side:

I have to say, I’m very pleased with the quality of the printing, and with the overall quality of the tote.  I think she’ll like it. 😉

In retrospect, I should have made the lettering a bit smaller… but, ANYWAY… by using Zazzle’s “customize it” and/or “add text” options, such products can easily be personalized.

It’s up to me whether or not to allow the customizing options to be available on the products I offer for sale… I think it offers wonderful opportunity for the customer to make something much more special/personal.  And who doesn’t want the chance to have a least some control in the creative process?

Who knew it would be such fun to make stuff on Zazzle?  I really didn’t “get it” until I tried it.   If you have any interest at all in creating personalized stuff or even just making something for yourself or as a gift using your own images, I would highly recommend visiting Zazzle, and trying things out!  Enjoy!

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Do you Zazzle?

I’m kinda excited.   Last year around this time, I finally finished the Seasonal Carousel Horse drawings I’d been working on for… well… too long.

And, at that time I mentioned I would like to try to make the drawings available on note cards or greeting cards or the like eventually.

I finally took the leap and opened a Zazzle store:  Teresa Wentzler Art on Zazzle

There’s not a lot there yet:  just the seasonal horses and some of my flower drawings offered as blank cards, but with the option to customize.  It’s been quite a learning curve so far, and I’m taking things slow.

In order to be sure that the products I’m offering for sale are suited for pen and ink reproduction and will therefore be high quality, I’m testing them by ordering them for myself first.  I have to say I’m very pleased so far.

I’m currently testing poster sizes for the same artwork;  I’ll keep you posted on that.

Stop by and have a look.  (I’m still working on a logo, and figuring out the bizarre gradient in the header area, so those things are still work in progress.)  I’m always open to suggestions, comments, and constructive critique.


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columbine study 1

I apologize for my absence…  I’ve been working on some projects behind the scenes, and dealing with an illness/surgery in the immediate family, but things seem to have calmed down for now.

I’m back to working on another flower study.  Columbines begin to show themselves around here this time of year.  I’ve always enjoyed the delicate flowers with their translucent petals hanging like ethereal ornaments from straight upright stems.

columbine study 1

In this drawing, I’m hoping that the abstract pattern of the pretty much foliage-free stems against an indistinct (and yes, probably very dark!) background will show the flowers to their best advantage.

We’ll see.

Update:  Turns out I was not liking at all how this drawing was turning out… so I circular filed it.  Moving on.

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English Roses

At long last. The seemingly unending rose study is finally finished.

English Roses

Drawn on Strathmore 400 80lb. smooth surface drawing paper, 005Micron and XS Black PITT Artist Pens.  Size: 9″ X 6.5″

As always, I learned tons.  Not sure what might be next.  I’m thinking maybe something a little less ‘involved’. 😉

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